“Orgo School”

Mystery Egg Kindle

Discover the orgo at the start of a thrilling new adventure for early readers aged 5+

Ten-year-old Neve is about to embark on the biggest adventure of her life! After an old lady gives her a peculiar egg at Port Harmony’s market, she returns home, determined to care for it. When the egg hatches, Neve finds herself looking after a newborn orgo pup. But this orgo is one of a kind, and he desperately needs another orgo as a mother. The problem is, no other orgo seem very fond of him.

Join Neve and her best friend, Fidget, as they try to find the right home for Blizzard, the mysterious orgo pup.

Welcome to a new ice age, where our world is covered in snow. Many of the animals you know have now vanished—unable to survive the cold. In their place, new beasts have evolved, and some are more deadly than you could ever imagine. But not all the creatures in our frozen future should be feared. Take the orgo, for example. The orgo love their human friends, and they are often found near the new harbour town of Port Harmony.

The ‘Orgo School’ books are ideal for children learning to read and for families to enjoy together, with full-colour illustrations.