“The Pomdig”

On the 8th November 2020, I released my latest picture book, The Pomdig.

This is the first book I have published that is illustrated by the amazing Kathryn Short (from Art Autopsy). I love the illustrations so much, and they are perfect for the story.

Dive into the wilderness with this remarkable rhyming tale about the mysterious creature who plants weeds and wildflowers everywhere.

Perfect for children aged 3-6 to share with their families.

Have you ever wondered where weeds and wildflowers come from? They pop up all over the place. Gardens, driveways, pavements, roads and walls are often littered with them at different times of the year. But nobody plants them there. Weeds somehow appear wherever they like. Or do they? Maybe they have some help.

“But where do weeds come from?” you ask in distress.
“They show up everywhere, and they look a mess.”
The answer is a secret you just can’t share.
It’s the Pomdig who plants your weeds over there.


A lovely imaginative children’s story. My daughter loved the Pomdig and though she was cute.


What a unique and different perspective! In this little story, we learn of the Pomdig, who is a little creature that plants weeds in gardens. From her perspective, she is doing a good thing, providing food for bees as well as slugs and garden pests so that they will eat the weeds and not the plants. But the gardener sees it differently, of course. The illustrations are cute and well done. It is told in rhyming verse. An imaginative child—or one who has asked questions about weeds—may appreciate a story that is a little different.

“The Pomdig” is out now on Kindle, Kindle Unlimited and Paperback via Amazon. The paperback is also available at many other book retailers, including Waterstones, Barnes & Noble and Book Depository.

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