More Amazing Feelings…

Not long ago, I posted about some of the wonderful book bloggers that I’ve got to know. There are a fair few who go above and beyond when it comes to supporting indie authors like me. As such, I thought it was time to talk about a couple more.

Recently, April at The Vagaries Of Us wrote a post that really touched me. April has been incredibly supportive, and she is so lovely to chat to. In her post, April shares her thoughts on Traditional v Self Publishing. It’s a fabulous read, and I love April’s perspective so much. I have a tonne of respect for how much work April does for ‘lesser known’ authors too. Likewise, the comments April makes about “dissent RENEGADES” blew me away.

You can read April’s post here. Also, April recently reviewed “dissent RENEGADES” in full, which you can read here.


Next up is Sarah from Book Hooked Nook. Since I’ve known her, Sarah has always inspired me. She supports my books and spreads the word regularly, and she does that for so many other authors too. What I also love, is how much Sarah makes me laugh. On Twitter, I can always count on Sarah to make me giggle when I need it most. Then, unexpectedly, Sarah made me cry today (in such a lovely way).

If you want to know why, then read the post here. I am struggling to find words to describe how overwhelmed I was!


Then, there is Liam from Bookwormhole. Liam invited me to take part in his Inside Out challenge, and I was so flattered to be asked. Personally, I think it’s an extremely inventive project, and I also adore that movie. I love Liam’s work, and his blog is fantastic, so it was a pleasure to be given the opportunity to guest post. Through Twitter, Liam has always been a huge support, and he retweets me regularly. For that, I am just so grateful.

On a final note, the bloggers mentioned in this post have involved their children in reviewing the “Orgo Runners” books. Needless to say, their collective support has been mind-blowing! Book bloggers never cease to amaze me.

Much Love,


4 thoughts on “More Amazing Feelings…

  1. This is lovely Rick! I will always support smaller authors like you. You are a genuinely kind hearted person and you deserve to be celebrated! I’m also glad I can make you laugh 😉💖


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