‘ORGO ROCKS’ are now a thing!! ❤


Inspired by the popular children’s book series, “Orgo Runners”!!

Get painting Orgo on rocks and leave them somewhere (safe) for other people to find…
As long as they look like Orgo, feel free to use your imagination! Try different themes, colours, or whatever you like! Make your ‘Orgo Rock’ unique-and have fun!

Please remember to leave your ‘Orgo Rocks’ in a safe place for people to find. Think about trip hazards, and the damage or injury that could be caused by rocks falling from high places.

Otherwise, go for it!! I can’t wait to see your designs! And don’t forget to write #orgorocks on the back of each of your rocks. You could even write ‘Find Us On Facebook’ too, if you like! 😉


Post photos anywhere you fancy on social media (including here), and don’t forget to put the hashtag on your posts so they can be found. 😊

Lastly, if you want to know more about the “Orgo Runners” books, you can find them here…




Enjoy, and feel free to join the Facebook Group, by clicking here…

ORGO ROCKS on Facebook

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